writing instruments

whiteboard pilot

Pilot WBMA-VBM-M/MC-WBMarker

wbmarkers pilot wbma vbm m

Revolutionary TPF System ensures stable ink flow From beginning to the end.
Thick dense writing is clearly visible from a distance.
Sold as Singles - Packed in 12’s.


wbmarkers pilot wbma vs extra fine

Refillable drywipe whiteboard marker made from 91% recycled plastic. Anti-leak, anti-smudge.
Easy to erase. Requires no pumping or shaking. Extra fine tip.
Sold as Singles - Packed in 12’s.


wbmarkers pilot wbma vs

Slim body and fine lines make the Boardmaster S easy to work with. New Sure Seal System prevents
leaking. TBP system ensures constant thickness and writing density.
Sold as Singles - Packed in 12’s.

whiteboard pentel

Pentel MWL5S Maxiflo-WBMarker

wbmarkers pentel mwl5s maxiflow

Pump-action white board marker. For use on white boards, porcelain boards and electronic copy boards.
Pigment ink. On average, writes 3 times more than our standard white board markers.
Sold as Singles - Packed in 12’s.



Pentel Whiteboard Marker Set MWL5S-4/6

wbmarkers pentel whiteboard marker set mwl5s 4 6

Pump-action Whiteboard Marker. For use on whiteboards, porcelain boards and electronic copy boards. Pigment ink. On average, writes 3 times more than standard whiteboard markers.

Pentel Magnetic Whiteboard Duster Set MWL5S4MS

wbmarkers pentel magnetic whiteboard duster set mwl5s4ms

Set Contains 4 x Maxiflow Whiteboard Markersand a Magnetic Whiteboard Duster

whiteboard penflex

Penflex WB15 Whiteboard Markers

wbmarkers penflex wb15

Low odour, quick drying ink. Suitable for use on most non-absorbent whiteboard surfaces. Excellent erasability with a dry cloth or board eraser. Writing length up to 630 metres. 24 Hour cap-off time.

Penflex Permanent OHP Markers

wbmarkers penflex penflex permanent ohp

Quick drying permanent  ink. Writing up to 350m.

whiteboard edding

Edding 8280 Securitas Permanent UV Marker

wbmarkers edding8280

For Security Marking on Virtually All Surfaces. Special Permanent Ink.
Quick Drying Ink shows up clearly under Ultra Violet Light.
Sold as Singles - Packed in 12’s.




wbmarkers shcneider

Schneider Whiteboard Flipchart Markers

wbmarkers schneider whiteboard flipcart markers

Easily dry wiped from whiteboards.Ideal for flip chart as the ink does not seep through to the pages underneath. Odourless ink without toluol and xylol.

wbmarkers parrot

Parrot Glass / Chalk Board Markers

wbmarkersparrot glass chalk board markers

• Suitable for Black Boards, Whiteboards, Chalk Boards and Glass Boards | 
• Not for use on chalk board paint surfaces

• Set of 4

whiteboard markers artline

Artline EK500-Marker

markers artline ek500

Pure aluminium barrel makes it rust-free and long lasting. Writing length up to 600m. Low odour.

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