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erasers staedtler

Staedtler Mars 52650 Eraser

eraser steadtler mars plastic

Premium quality for first-class erasing performance Minimal Crumbling
Sold Single

Staedtler Mars/sliding sleeve Eraser

eraser steadtler mars sliding

Mars plastic eraser with sliding sleeve removes graphite markings on paper
with minimal crumbling, little wear and no discolouration of the eraser on paper.
Extra Eraser Refill Included
Sold Single

erasers pentel

Pentel ZEH 05/10 Eraser

eraser pentel zeh0510

High quality latex-free eraser removes lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure
Available in Small & Large. 
Sold Single

Pentel ZE11/Zer2 Click Eraser

eraser pentel ze11

Erase with the "Clic" of a button! Retractable for ease of use. Removes graphite lead marks cleanly and completely.
Sold Single - Refill ZER-2 available in 2 Pack

erasers pilot

Pilot EE102 Plastic Eraser

eraser pilot ee102

Large Plastic eraser with excellent erasability for paper and OHP film.
Sold Single

erasers fabercastell

Faber-Castell PVC Free Eraser

eraser fabercastell pvc free

Extra Clean & Smooth Erasing. Comfort Edge, PVC,
Phthalate & Latex Free. Individually Wrapped.
Sold Single

eraser plain

Corporate Soft Eraser

eraser corporate soft eraser

Perfect to use in Office, Classroom or at Home
Available in Large & Medium
Sold Single

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