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Bantex 4200 PVC Clipboard

bantex 4200 pvc

  • Heavy Duty PVC over Rigid Board
  • Quallity Mechanism with Hanger Hole
  • Portable Work Surface for Students, Salesmen and Workshop Personnel

Sold Single

Bantex 4210 Folding PVC Clipboard

bantex 4210 folding

  • Internal Triangular Pocket and Pen Loop
  • Nickel Plated Pad Clip

Sold Single

Bantex 9859 PP Clipboard

bantex 9859 high impact

  • Modern Swiss Design
  • Plastic Mechanism - Firm Grip
  • Hole for Hanging
  • Intergrated Pen Holder and 30cm Ruler
  • Paper Guide on Both Sides

Sold Single

Bantex 9858 PP Clipboard

bantex 9858 high

  • Intergrated Pen Holder and Ruler
  • Credit Card Holder
  • Ideal for Branding & Garage Forecourts

Sold Single

Corporate Masonite Clipboard

corporate masonite clipboard

  • Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Clip

Sold Single

Trefoil Transparent Clipboard

trefoil transparent clipboard

  • Strong Plastic Clip with
  • Hanging Hole
  • Ideal for Branding

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