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  • 30cm Shatter Resistant
  • 30cm Shatterproof
  • 30cm Fingergrip

Sold Single

Rulers Metal

rulers 2

  • 30cm
  • 60cm
  • 100cm

Sold Single


Triangular Scale Rulers

  • A: 1:20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125
  • B: 1:100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500

Sold Single


Adding Machine Rolls

adding machine rolls


  • 57 x 57mm
  • 44 x 70mm
  • 76 x 76mm


  • 80 x 80mm
  • 76 x 76mm
  • 57 x 40mm

Sold Single

Admission Tickets

admission tickets header

admission tickets

  • Numbered Rolls of 1000
  • 160gsm Board

Sold Roll

Croxley Cloakroom Tickets

croxley cloakroom tickets

  • Croxley Cloakroom Tickets
  • 1-200 (Pink)

Sold Pad

Foska Sponge Damper

foska sponge damper header

foska sponge damper

  • Sponge Damper in Assorted Colours

Sold Single

Easi-Fix / DC Fix

easi fix dc fix

  • 70mic 450mm Wide
  • Available in the Following Lenths:

Sold Single

Plastic Book Covers

plastic book covers header

plastic book covers

Bantex Conference Badges

bantex confrence badges header

bantex confrence badges


  • Rigid Transparent PVC with Clip & Pin
  • White perforated sheets for identity cards.



PVC Name Badges

pvc name badges

  • Rigid Transparent PVC with Clip & Pin
  • White perforated sheets for identity cards.
  • Box of 50

Sold Box


Foldback Clips

foldback clips header

foldback clips

Foldback Clips are used for binding sheets of paper together. It leaves the paper intact and can be removed
quickly and easily.

Available Sizes:

  • 19mm
  • 25mm
  • 32mm
  • 41mm
  • 51mm

Packet 12 or Sold Single



Bulldog Clips

bulldog clips header

bulldog clips

Bulldog clips are used to bind sheets of paper together, temporarily but firmly.

Available Sizes:

  • 32mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm
  • 63mm
  • 75mm

Packed 12 or Sold Single




Magic Clip Dispenser

magic clip dispenser header

magic clip dispenser

  • 4.5mm Clips - 50 Box
  • 6.5mm Clips - 50 Box

Magic Clip Dispenser - Sold Single





Eyelet Punch

eyelet punch header

eyelet punch

Single hole punch and eyelet former


  • 3.2mm - 30 Sheet Capacity - 500 Box
  • 4.2mm - 40 Sheet Capacity - 500 Box
  • 5.5mm - 50 Sheet Capacity - 500 Box

SDS Treasury Tags

sds treasury tags header

sds treasury tags

Tags for fastening documents,
computer printouts, etc. Cord
with two metal 'T-bar' ends.
Provides an economical filing
method and are great for holding
together larger volumes of paper.

Available Sizes:

  • 26mm
  • 38mm
  • 51mm
  • 63mm
  • 76mm
  • 89mm
  • 102mm
  • 127mm
  • 152mm

All Boxed 100 - Sold Box

Treeline Spike File

treeline spike file header

treeline spike file


  • With Safety Cap & Plastic Base

Sold Single


Treeline Key Cabinets

treeline key cabinets

  • 20 Key
  • 48 Key

Sold Single

Key Rings

key rings

  • Assorted - 20 Pack

Sold Single


Cash Boxes

cash boxes

  • 6 Inch (150mm)
  • 8 Inch (200mm)
  • 10 Inch (250mm)
  • 12 Inch (300mm)

Sold Single

Finger Cones

finger cones header

finger cones

  • Green - Extra Small Size 00
  • Red - Small Size 0
  • Blue - Medium Size 1

Sold Single


Rubber Bands

rubber bands

See Overleaf for Sizes:

  • 100g Boxes
  • 500g Bag
  • 1kg Bag


Rubber Band Selector

rubber band selector

Treeline Silver Gemclips

treeline silver gemclips

Silver paper clips are strong enough to hold everything together and are perfect for securely
attaching documents. A smooth finish ensures they won't get caught on other papers.

Available Sizes:

  • Large 33mm - Boxed 100 (Carton 10)
  • Giant 50mm - Boxed 100 (Carton 10)
  • Giant Wavy 78mm - Boxed 50 (Carton 10)

Sold Box

Treeline PVC Coated Gemclips

treeline pvc coated gemclips

Great for color coding documents or files. Combines the holding power of steel with the protection of vinyl coating. Vinyl paper clips won't leave snags and marks on papers.

Available Sizes:

  • 33mm White - Boxed 100 (Carton 10)
  • 33mm Assorted Colours - Boxed 100 (Carton 10)
  • 50mm Assorted Colours - Boxed 100  (Carton 10)

Sold Box

Magic Clip Dispenser

magic clip dispenser header

magic clip dispenser

  • 4.5mm Clips - 50 Box
  • 6.5mm Clips - 50 Box

Magic Clip Dispenser - Sold Single





Drawing Pins (Thumb Tacks)

drawing pins thumb tacks

A drawing pin or thumb tack is a short nail or pin used to fasten items to a wall or board for display
and intended to be inserted by hand, generally without the assistance of tools.

  • 11mm Head
  • Assorted Coloured Head - Boxed 5
  • Silver Coloured Head - Boxed 50

Sold Box

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InterStat Round Head Paper Fasteners

round head paper fasteners

A brass fastener, brad, paper fastener or split pin is a stationery item used for securing multiple sheets of paper together.

Available Sizes:

  • No 2 - 13mm
  • No 3 - 19mm
  • No 4 - 25mm
  • No 5 - 31mm
  • No 6 - 38mm
  • No 7 - 51mm

Boxed 100

Indicator Pins

indicator pins

  • White Centre Panel for Additional Referencing
  • Small Pin Head Diameter: 15mm
  • Packed 20 in Assorted Colours

Map Pins

map pins header

map pins

  • Map pins, also known as map tacks, are a great way to pinpoint places on a map. Mark your travels, see your business branch locations, plot customer locations – the number of uses is almost endless.

    Boxed 100
  • Boxed in individual Colours or Assorted


Push Pins

push pins

Technical Pin Point. Easy to push into a cork board or cubicle divider with your thumb. Pin important
documents or your favorite pictures. Vibrant colors brighten bulletin boards and attract attention.

  • Assorted Coloured Head - Packed 30

SDS File Fasteners

sds file fasteners

Paper Fasteners are a hassle-free way to fasten your documents with ease. Simply punch holes
into your documents, insert the prongs, slide on the bar and fasten the clips. These are ideal for
use with suspension files, loose leaf sheets and manila folders.

  • Box of 50 Fasteners

Sold Box

Plastic File Fasteners

plastic file fasteners

  • 50 Pack
  • Assorted

Sold Pack


Office Pins

office pins

  • Straight Office Pins 26mm in Length
  • 100g Tub - Carton 10

Sold Tub

Treeline Orange Handle Scissors

treeline orange handle scissors

  • Orange Handle
  • Ideal for Office Use
  • 210mm
  • 165mm

    Sold Single

Treeline Tortoise Shell Scissors

treeline tortoise shell scissors

  • Tortoise Shell Handle
  • 210mm
  • 165mm

Sold Single

Black Handle Scissors

black handle scissors

Soft Grip

  • 210mm
  • 170mm

Sold Single

Maped Eco Black Handle Scissors

maped eco black handle scissors header

maped eco black handle scissors

  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • 210mm

Sold Single


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