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wallets pilot

Pilot Frixion Medium Rollerball Wallets

wallets pilot frixion medium rollerball wallets

Frixion ink is erased with the grey tail plug rubbing action. New smooth silk like writing, 0.7mm rollerball with a stainless steel tip Rubberised grip ensures comfortable writing. No debris, rewrite immediately.

Pilot Frixion Colors Ink Marker Wallet

wallets pilot frixion colors ink marker wallet

Frixion Ink Markers. Erase the magic ink with rubber action of the rubber end on pen cap.

Pilot Frixion Light Highlighter Marker Wallet

wallets pilot frixion light highlighter marker wallet

Highlight and erase the magic flourescent ink that can be retrieved when chilled. Chisel Tipped, vibrant colours.
Used by everyone from student to executive.

Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen Wallet

wallets pilot acroball ballpoint pen wallet

Newly invented low viscosity oil based ink provides a tireless writing feel. The rubberised tyre grip ensureseasy support. Ideal for left handed people.

Pilot G2 Basic & Fashion Gel Roller Wallet

wallets pilot g2 basic fashion gel roller

Premium gel roller. When it comes to putting the thoughts in your head down on the nearest piece of paper, nothing gets the job done like the G2. Smooth writing, longest-lasting gel ink.

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