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Sharp EL-231L Pocket Calculator

sharp el 231l header

sharp el 231lThe Sharp EL-231LB is the ultimate pocket calculator, designed to assist with day-to-day requirements of primary school learners.

  • 8 Digits
  • Battery Powered
  • Memory Keys
  • Square Root Key
  • Percentage Key
  • Constant Function

Sharp EL-738 Financial Calculator

sharp el 738 header

sharp el 738UNISA recommends the SHARP EL-738F for students.
Commonly used in professional banking, accounting
and real estate applications.

  • Business & Financial Calculator
  • Bond, Depreciation & Break-Even Calculations
  • Two-Variable Statistics with Linear Regression
  • 12 Memories

Sharp EL-334F Mini Desk Calculator

sharp el 334f header

sharp el 334fThis small calculator has great features for business and finance requirements, including a double zero key, as well as an add and remove tax functions. The LCD screen shows 3-digit punctuation.

  • 10 Digits
  • Twin Powered
  • Large-Digit
  • Display with Kick-Stand
  • Tax Function
  • Grand Total Key
  • Fixed/Floating
  • Decimals

Sharp EL-387V Semi-Desk Calculator

sharp el 387v header

sharp el 387vThe EL-387V is a semi-desk calculator that offers an extensive list of functions. GT function that automatically accumulates totals, & tax function.

  • 12 Digits
  • Grand Total Function
  • Resume Plus Function
  • Convenient +Tax and –Tax Keys
  • Kick-Stand for Ergonomic Operation
  • Day/Date
  • Calculation

Sharp EL-1750V Printing Calculator

sharp el 1750v printing calculator

sharp el 1750v printing calculator main

Portable AC/DC printing calculator features a large 12-digit liquid crystal display (LCD), and two-color serial printer with punctuation.

  • 12-Digit, Liquid Crystal Display
  • Prints 2 lps in 2-Colors with
  • Punctuation
  • Includes Clock and Calendar
  • Prints Date and Time
  • Features Cost/Sell/Margin, Tax Keys, Change Calculation & 4-Key Memory

Sharp EL-W535HT Scientific Calculator

sharp el w535ht header

sharp el w535htSharp EL-W535 over 330 advanced scientific functions
and utilizes WriteView Technology, 4-line display and
Multi-Line Playback to make scientific equations easier
for students to solve.

  • Writeview
  • Recommended High School Model
  • Over 340 Functions
  • Drill Mode
  • Regression Line and Correlation
  • Coefficient Equation

Sharp EL-338GN Desktop Calculator

sharp el 338gn header

sharp el 338gnThe Sharp EL-338GN is a compact, elegant and functionally designed desktop calculator. The extra large, tilting display is enclosed by a glass-like frame that emphasizes and adds clarity to the display.

  • 12 Digits
  • Dual Powered
  • Cost/ Sell / Margin Function
  • 3-Digit Punctuation
  • Large Titled Display
  • Grand Total Function

Sharp 'EL-330AB Mini Desk Calculator

sharp el 330ab header

sharp el 330abProfessional, semi-desktop calculator features a sleek, glass-top design and an extra-large, 8-digit slant LCD with punctuation for easy viewing.

  • Battery/Solar Powered
  • Four-Key memory includes; memory plus, memory minus, recall memory and clear memory keys
  • Functions include tax calculations, percent key
    and sign change keys, constant and currency conversion
  • Lead-Free and Mercury-Free

Sharp EL-531WHB Scientific Calculator

sharp el 531whb header

sharp el 531whbThe Sharp EL-531WHB is an entry-level scientific calculator for high school learners.This calculator is designed to be durable enough for everyday use.

  • 12 Digits
  • 272 Scientific & Statistical Functions
  • Constant / Chain Calculations
  • 2 Line LCD Screen

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