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Mondi Rotatrim

mondi rotatrim

Available in A4 and A3 80gsm.

Mondi Rotatrim, the Better Performance Paper runs smoothly, free of dust and  ridges, with better toner transfer through all office machines, photocopiers, laser and inkjet printers.
Mondi Rotatrim has a high whiteness rating of 160CIE*, which ensures greater print clarity, good contrast and aesthetic appeal. Through the utilisation of Eucalyptus pulp as a fibre source, excellent bulk and opacity characteristics are attained, resulting in excellent runnability and a sheet perfectly suited for double sided printing.

Mondi Rotatrim is part of the Green Range and has FSCR certification. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSCR) is the accepted leader in forest and timber product certification and has established standards for environmentally, economically and socially responsible forestry.

  • Shortcode: 001122

Mondi Color Copy

mondi color

Available in 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm,160gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm and 300gsm and formats A4, A3 and SRA3.

Color Copy is the ideal paper for full colour printing, guaranteeing true-to-life, brilliant colour copies and perfect print results.

  • Extra smooth surface, excellent for full colour printouts
  • Ideal whiteness for true colour reproduction
  • Environmentally friendly production, FSCR certified
  • Color Copy is CO2 neutral

Shortcode: 001122

Mondi IQ Tints

mondi iq tints

Available in A4 80gm Pastel Pink, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Blue and Pastel Green.

A more extensive colour range is available upon request.   

IQ stands for ideal quality, which makes it a versatile paper that ensures high quality print results for an array of impressive applications for office and professional users and for value added converting. Certified as an FSC® and Green Range holder, IQ color not only reflects the wealth of colours found in nature, but also guarantees that the wood needed to produce IQ color comes from sustainably managed forests. Thinking green has never been so colourful!


  • Superb colour uniformity
  • Non-toxic dyes according to European Standard for Safety of Toys
  • Excellent runnability - a true multifunctional paper
  • Resealable transparent packaging

Shortcode: 001122

Tower Photo Quality Inkjet Paper Everyday-Luxury-Premium

tower photo quality inkjet paper

Tower’s Photo Quality  Inkjet Paper is suitable for everyday printing both at the office and at home. Print snap shots, photographs, presentations or use for your creative hobbies at home.

A4 Everyday (100 sheets)

  • 108gsm , 180gsm, 220gsm

Luxury 260 gsm (20 sheets)

  • A4, A6

A4 Premium (20 sheets)

  • 130gsm, 170gsm

A6 (20 sheets)

  • 190gsm

Tower Photo Quality Laser Paper Premium

tower photo quality laser paper header

tower photo quality laser paper

Tower’s Photo Quality  Laser Paper is suitable for veryday printing both at the office and t home. Print snap shots, photographs, presentations or use for your creative hobbies at home.

  • 160gsm A4 (50 sheets)

Typek Multi-Purpose White Paper

typek multi purpose white paper

Typek is a locally produced office product favoured by businesses, retailers and stationers for its quality and distinctive red packaging. Typek is unique in that it is manufactured from waste sugar cane fibre with the remaining fibre coming from well managed and sustainable plantations.

Typek also carries the Earth Kind™ label which is a visible, simple and relevant icon that captures the essence of Sappi's and Typek brand’s approach to sustainability and corporate citizenship.  The Earth Kind symbol is a heart symbolising humanity, placed inside an orb shape that depicts the earth, encompassing nature and the people who inhabit it.

A combination of superior smoothness, good ink adhesion and colour reflection makes it the best choice for professional looking documents and is suitable for use in multiple office copiers and laser printers. More businesses use Typek.

Size  Grammage  Sheet/Ream  Reams/Box Sold
 A4  80gsm  500  5 Box
 A3  80gsm  500  5 Ream

Navigator Universal Copy Paper & Card

navigator universal paper card

Optimal balance between paper rigidity and thickness to provide outstanding performance: 99.99% jam free. A reduction in jams means an increase in production speed and fewer processing errors.

When you choose Navigator over an everyday paper, you are reducing your total costs. By using our premium paper, you can save time and money while getting excellent printing results. Pure Logic.

Reasons to buy Navigator

  • Increased Productivity
    99.99% paper jam-free. Fewer jams means lower cost per printed document

  • Improved Surface
    Provides excellent printing quality whilst reducing toner consumption

  • Silky Touch - Extra Smooth Surface
    Navigator improves the lifetime of office equipment

  • Multifunctional
    100% guaranteed for all printers and copiers. Navigator can be used for all your documents

navigator universal paper card extra

Smart Copy General Purpose White Paper

smart general purpose white paper

Smart Copy is a high quality copy paper, suitable for a variety of uses. Providing a smooth white surface for laser copy printing, Smart Copy also has excellent opacity and high bulk, eliminating show-through.

For use in high or low speed copiers, inkjet or laser printers and fax machines. Its runability and reliability makes Smart Copy white office paper a smart choice.

Size  Grammage  Sheet/Ream  Reams/Box Sold
 A4  80gsm  500  5 Box

A4 Premium Colour Paper Deep Tint

a4 premium colour paper deep tint
Compatible with all types of Copiers, Ink Jet Printers, Laser Printers, Plain Paper Fax & Offeset Printers.

  • A4 80gsm
  • 500 Sheets per Ream
  • Sold per Ream

A4 Colour Brite Board

a4 colour brite boardCompatible with all types of Copiers, Ink Jet Printers, Laser Printers, Plain Paper Fax & Offeset Printers.

  • A4 160gsm
  • 100 Sheets per Pack
  • Available in Assorted Pack of 50
  • Sold Pack

A4 Premium Colour Board Pastel / White

a4 premium colour board pastel white

  • A4 160gsm
  • 100 Sheets per Pack
  • Packed 100 - Sold Single

Wide Format Paper

wide format paper

Super White Humidity Controlled 80gsm Bond Paper. Suitable for use in PPC Copiers & Inkjet Plotters

  • 420mm x 100m, 80gsm, Roll
  • 610mm x 50m, 80gsm, Roll
  • 914mm x 50m, 80gsm, Roll
  • 1067mm x 100m, 80gsm, Roll

All sold per roll
Wide Range of Additional Sizes Available

Also Available:

  • PPC Thermal Stabilised Film
  • Tracing Paper
  • Draughting Film
  • Butcher Paper
  • Cartridge Paper
  • Plotting Paper
  • Inkjet Film
  • Inkjet Speciality Products
  • Solvent Specialities

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